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Engineered Exellence

HMG has extensive experience in refit and shipyard periods. We’ve been involved in and directed many projects and can help you plan and execute your upcoming maintenance periods. We have established good relationships with most major service providers in South Florida and can help guide you to the best and brightest companies available for your works.
We also have an Australian base and have worked with several shipyards and service providers within Australia and can help plan and execute yard periods there. Having a well planned and executed maintenance period helps cut down on delays and overruns in both time and cost.


Having been involved with various planned maintenance software systems we can also offer advice on the usage of and how best to get everything you can from the system. If you need help in setting up a PMS, we can also help with data input, inventory and planned maintenance interval allocation. For all of your maritime engineering needs, HMG stands ready to help however they can.

Or for general enquires, including spare parts and OEM parts, we can also help you find what you need to make sure your vessel continues to run in a smooth and efficient manner.

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