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  • Is Hill Maritime Group MLC 2006 Registered?
    Yes, we are. We hold an approval to operate as a private seafarer recruitment agency through the Australian Maritime Safety Agency (AMSA) and are a registered MLC 2006 agency. Not only is this a legal obligation for us it is also a moral one. We all have families and loved ones that we want to return to so we consider adherence to MLC 2006 to be of paramount importance. Social and humanitarian needs as well as safe and enjoyable work environments, all contribute to productivity and excellence in our endeavors. Of course, there are many other Regulations and Guidance's we must adhere to in our roles as seafarers that are just as important and we encourage all seafarers to excel in their chosen maritime profession.
  • Why is Hill Maritime better placed for recruitment of Marine Engineers
    Simply put, it's what we know. We've held chief engineer positions on vessels globally, with proven longevity, and we understand what goes into a successful and productive team that ensures Owner and management satisfaction. We will conduct initial interviews for you and verify all documents to ensure you embark a seafarer that suits your requirements. We only send the very best candidates through so you don't need to wade through endless CV's looking for the perfect engineer you need. Longevity is priceless and we aim to place seafarers that are looking for job security and satisfaction. Qualifications, Experience, Discretion and proven longevity are all part of what HMG assesses when you are looking for your next Engineer. Let us help you create the best team you can.
  • Why should I sign up with Hill Maritime as an Engineer?
    We have held chief engineer positions within the industry and we know the roles you are applying for. We conduct the interviews as qualified and experienced seafarers ourselves. We understand what it is you are looking for from a vessel and what the vessel expects from you. We are, By Engineers, For Engineers.
  • Can I apply for a position if I don’t yet hold the License?
    No, all positions applied for require you to hold all appropriate Licenses and Visas for that position. “Working Towards” is not the same as holding required certification. Minimum Safe Manning documents that are set forth by Flag State for each vessel require a certain level of qualification for the safe operation of the vessel.
  • What are the terms and conditions for HMG if I engage their services?
    Whilst all care is taken to find the right candidate for the right position, we are all human and sometimes things don’t work out. If your initial placed candidate doesn’t work out, within a 3-month probation period, we will offer you another candidate free of charge. This offer only applies to the initial placement. For more details, please see our terms and conditions, or contact us for any queries you may have.
  • Do you place crew in other departments?
    Yes, we can. We know Engineering and Engineers though, so this is where our focus will be initially. However, we have contacts throughout the industry and can help you find crew for other departments if you require. Feel free to ask and if we can, we are more than happy to help.
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