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TERMS AND CONDITIONS for Hill Maritime Group Pty Ltd (HMG)

The use of HMG and associated website are subject to the below terms and conditions. This applies to all entities that register and/or request the use of our services whether verbally, in person or via email or social media etc.


A fee will be charged upon the receipt and hire of an Engineer. If the Engineer is terminated or resigns within a 3-month period, we will offer a second candidate, free of charge. This offer only applies to the initial placement. This offer only applies to invoices paid within the 14-day payment period and/or embarkation. It is the sole responsibility of the hiring party to inform HMG in the event of termination or resignation within the 3 month “Guarantee” period.


Fee Structure

Temporary Placement – 25% of the TOTAL compensation paid by the employer in the appropriate currency.

Permanent Placement – One month/s of the permanent Salary in the appropriate currency.


  • All fees are non-refundable after payment

  • Fees are due in full upon receipt of invoice. Permanent placements will be invoiced upon embarkation. Temporary placements will be invoiced at the end of the employment period.

  • A permanent placement that does not work out prior to placement will default to temporary rate.

  • A temporary hire that is promoted to permanent will be changed to permanent rate.

  • If a candidate is hired or re-hired within a 12-month period of being introduced by HMG, a fee will be due.

  • Full fees apply regardless of whether the employer or hiring party knows or previously knew the crew or candidate hired, unless the hiring party immediately informs HMG of the prior relationship upon receipt of the candidates details and that the hiring party has current and correct contact information for the candidate.

  • A late fee will apply to invoices overdue by 14 days. This fee will be applied at a rate of 2.5% of the total invoice per 14 days overdue.

  • All fees apply to all engagements upon signed contracts.

Although HMG makes every effort during the hiring process, inclusive of certification verification through the IMO, interviews, reference checks and work history checks we ultimately cannot be held responsible for candidates during or following their period of employment. This includes reference checking, verifying credentials, misrepresentations of licenses or credentials or certificates, previous experience and work history or their profile in general.


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